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Plans and Pricing

Our Passion Is Web Design

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Hourly Rate:

We charge a rate of $40 an hour for our services. Our rates solely apply to website development and design time. Rates will not be applied to customer consultation time. We accept payments through a Blitz Firm LLC link or through PayPal. It's also important to note that we offer two types of payment plans which offer two different experiences. 

Payment Plans and Pricing:

Monthly Service

To calculate a monthly service fee, our team take the total amount due and divide it by 10. We also add the monthly cost of the server housing fee to your plan. For more information, please check out our Terms of Service.

One Time Fee

For our one time fee, we calculate the amount that our service costs after the development of your website. We also require a safety deposit fee of $200. For More information, please check out our Terms of Service.

Pricing That Works For You

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