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Live Service Website

What is a live service website? A live service website is a website that will continually be updated over time at the owner's request. We only offer this service if you decide to pay a monthly fee instead of buying the website. With the live service model, we could make changes to your menu, update store hours or more for no additional fee.

Online advertisements 

When we refer to online advertisement, we are referring to SEOs, social media advertisements and google ads. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what ranks your website among the rest. Strong SEO is a necessity for any modern business regardless of what you offer and to who. We also work with adverts. Specifically, we work with google ads, Instagram ads and Twitter/X ads. However, we would only suggest these methods of advertisement to certain businesses. 

Increase Sales Volume

The websites we build and the services we offer contribute to an increase in customers which will directly effect your sales. In addition, a well maintained website comes across as professional. Every large brand has a website. It's a platform for you to show your quality to you customers. In this day and age, a website is almost like necessity.

Social Media Managements and Creation 

Blitz Firm LLC offers targeted social media management services across platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, tailored to boost your sales. Through compelling content creation, strategic audience engagement, and targeted advertising campaigns, we drive qualified leads and increase conversion rates. With a focus on analytics and optimization, we ensure that your social media efforts translate into tangible results, providing transparent reporting on ROI and performance metrics. Trust Blitz Firm LLC to elevate your online presence and drive significant sales growth through effective social media strategies.

Our Payment Models

One Time Payment

The Benifits

We offer a one time payment which has its pros and cons. The price of your website will vary depending on certain factors such as the type of functionality you are looking for. We will request a $200 security deposit upfront (see our TOS for more information). We will pay for the first year of domain name fees but we will not be responsible for the monthly housing fees. These housing fees may vary

You Fully Owen your Website

You Can Customize your Own Website

This Option May be Cheaper in the Long Run

As long as you do not hire a web developer to make changes to your website, this option is the cheapest over the course of
~16 months.

Monthly Subscription

Our Monthly subscription model is our personal pick. Our monthly rates varies based on the hours put into making the website. Our hourly rate is $40/hour. This rate is charged per hour of website development or design time. We take the total price due and divide that number by 10. You have the option of cancelling anytime and the option to buy the website at anytime. The selling price of the website will be your monthly rate x10.  For more information, please visit our TOS here: Terms of Service.

The Benifits

We Cover the Server Housing Fee and Domain Name Fee

Online Advertisements

If you are interested, we'll discuss which online adverts will work best for you and your budget. We'll set up your online ads for no additional charge. 

Live Service Model

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